Created On:  19 October 2010


A Vision file is opened in MS Access as a linked table using AcuXDBC.

All records show this value: #Deleted (#Cancellato if MS Access is installed in Italian version).

Data is shown correctly using MS Excel or other tools like ADO or ODBCsql.


A possible cause for this issue is that a data storage compiler option ("-Dci", "-Dcm", "-Dcn"...) was used when creating XFD file.

In this case, it is possible to load the XFD file in the system catalog of AcuXDBC using its relative data storage method switch.

The syntax to use will be:

xdbcutil -d c:\path\syscat -x c:\path\xfd    -s argument    -u name-of-the-table

where the "-s" command accepts one of these storage method arguments:

If you compiled with: Use this xdbcutil switch:

-Dca -s a
-Dci -s i
-Dcm -s m
-Dcn -s n
-Dcv -s v
-Dcb -s b
-Dcr -s r
Incident #1073855