Created On:  20 December 2012


Working and debugging an application in Thin Client mode, the remote clients usually are remapped on the server to an unique local user-name.

This causes different developers/testers to work in debug using an unique .adb file.
Since developers may create their own breakpoints, the .adb file is constantly rewritten.

Sometimes the file may become corrupted, breakpoints lost or the multiple accesses at the same time may cause remote debuggers to hang.

Is it possible to isolate this file so that each user has its own file?


In order to have different debug files for different working users, you need to make sure you have different values of USER-ID for each local user-name.
The best way to do that is to log in as different users, not have everyone use the same username.

This means that you must have in the AcuAccess file and these variables in you acurcl.cfg file:

WINNT_LOGON_DOMAIN   your-domain

Once set, acurcl must be restarted to apply these changes.

Incident #2602333