Created On:  16 November 2010


Thin Client users trying to connect to the application, receive the following message "alias does not exist", after they check the alias file, they discover that the file was empty.


In version 7.0 the way the alias files is stored on disk was changed: they are now stored as XML files.  However, some XML files cannot be parsed by the parser we use (even though we write them correctly).  Because of this, some people would like to keep the alias files in the old format.   
There is a new environment variable ALIAS-FILE-IS-XML.  The default value of TRUE will cause AcuRCL to store alias files as xml files, which is how version 7.0.0 stores the files.  Setting this variable to FALSE will cause acurcl to keep the file as a text .ini file.
Note that this variable needs to be set in the environment when executing "acurcl -alias" (or "acurcl" with the graphical control panel on Windows) because acurcl reads no configuration file in this mode.
Note also that once the alias file is in XML format, setting this variable to FALSE won't revert it.

Finally, alias files created with version 8.1 are not backward compatible with version 8.0. When AcuConnect 8.0 tries to read an alias file from 8.1, it comes across things it doesn't recognize and so it blows the file away and starts a new one. 
Users can use 8.0 alias files with 8.1 but it will get converted to an 8.1 file and will then be unusable in 8.0.