-o runtime flag not working on Windows, but works on UNIX



Is there a way to get the same functionality on Windows that can be had using the -o option on UNIX?

The documentation specifically states it has no effect on Windows, but output redirection on Windows is necessary to have the programs continue to work when migrating off UNIX to Windows.

[Documentation excerpt]

-o  This option must be followed by the name of a file that will take the display output from the program. This is similar to output redirection on UNIX systems. If " o" is used instead, then the output is appended to the named file. Remote name notation is not allowed for this option.

This option has no effect on Windows platforms.

[End Documentation excerpt]


As noted this is a documented restriction on Windows; however there is a way to get this type of functionality working on Windows.

Compile the program(s) with the -Ca compiler option, after that it is possible to use the -o option with the Windows runtime.

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