File Error 93: File locked by another user


This article explains how to resolve error 93 when accessing a file.


When opening a file an error 93 is encountered saying:

File locked by another user


There are three main causes of this error:

  1. Ungraceful exits. If the runtime exits in a manner that doesn't send a message to release the lock, the operating system will hold the lock until rebooted. On Windows Servers you can use the Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Shared Folders > Open Files to try to release locks on shared files. On UNIX/Linux copy the locked file to a different location, rename or delete the locked file and move the copied file back. For example:

    cp myfile ../myfile

    rm myfile

    mv ../myfile myfile

  2. Permissions problem. If the user has read-only permissions and the file is opened i-o this can cause the error 93.
  3. Other software having the file locked such as anti-virus or backup software.

Incident Number: 2352931

Old KB# 14585
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