Portability of system catalogs from one operating system to another



Typically ACUCOBOL-GT files can be moved from one system to another without any issues. Is the same true of the system catalog (syscat)as well or are there exceptions?


AcuXDBC User's Guide

Version 8.0

Chapter 5: Installing AcuXDBC >

5.3 Creating a System Catalog and Views

If there are plans to port the system catalog to multiple hardware platforms, be aware of the byte order format for both the machine on which the system catalog was created on and the deployment machine. The machine's byte order format is commonly referred to as big endian or little endian. A system catalog created on a machine that uses little endian (Intel for example) will not be portable to a machine that uses big endian (Motorola for example). In this case, it will be necessary to create a system catalog once on each type of machine (big endian and little endian) and then port the appropriate catalog to the appropriate target machine.

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