Alternative method of working with multiple companies



The  AcuXDBC User's Guide Version 8.0, chapter 5, section 5.5.2, suggests that rather than having to set up system catalogs for each of your companies individually, you can do one of two things:

1) You can use wildcards and substitution characters (defined in the configuration file) to identify which company file to access.

2) You can assign table ownership to the different companies, then issue a single query to access all the data files.

Current users of AcuODBC Server that are transitioning to AcuXDBC Server may prefer a method that allows for closer correspondence between the client DSN and filename prefix.


Current users of  AcuODBC Server are used to having different DSNs to point to particular file paths.

This can be similarly accomplished by creating multiple configuration files and creating DSNs on client machines that each pointed to different configuration files.

Since all configuration files must be located at GENESIS_HOME, multiple configuration files can be placed there and then on each client build a DSN to point to one of the uniquely named configuration files.

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