Created On:  26 July 2011


Using CBL_DELETE_FILE for large and small files on Windows and UNIX. It successfully removes files less than 2GB on both Windows and Solaris, and removes files larger than 2GB on Windows. But it is failing (with status code 1) to remove files 2GB or larger on Solaris.


This should be resolved by setting the environment variable below:


On UNIX systems, this variable allows you to turn on or off file system API support for very large files (greater than 2 gigabytes). Support for large files is enabled when USE_LARGE_FILE_API is set to "1" (on, true, yes). Some UNIX systems do not support files greater than 2 gigabytes in size. In those situations, setting this variable to the default of "0" (off, false, no) causes the runtime to use the standard 32-bit file system API. This variable has no effect on Windows platforms.