Created On:  02 August 2011


Using runtime 8.1.1 or earlier on Windows 7, no Font dialog box opens when called. A CALL "W$FONT" USING WFONT-CHOOSE-FONT returns value -1.


Windows 7 manages the Font dialog box in a different way than Windows XP. It is now mandatory for it to call the native API comctl32.dll. However, setting WIN32_NATIVECTLS to 0 (the default value) causes the exclusion of the said dll.

So, a workaround may be to turn WIN32_NATIVECTLS configuration variable ON, using runtime 8.1.1 or earlier.  From runtime 8.1.2, this is no longer necessary and the Font dialog box is shown correctly, regardless of the value of WIN32_NATIVECTLS.

See ECN-3976 for further information about this issue.
Incident #2530193