AcuBench does not correctly select the complete string if it contains a hyphen



Starting from AcuBench 10.0.0 and higher there is an issue with strings that contain a hyphen.

Place the cursor on a string with a hyphen, for example "file-status", and press ctrl-f, the search window will only contain part of the string. Double clicking on the string will also only highlight part of it.

The last version where this worked was AcuBench 9.2.5


This is fixed from 10.2 but can also be fixed in previous versions by modifying acucobol.ini. Find the [Parser] section, and the Delimiters line. Remove the dash (-) so the line looks like this:

Delimiters ="'()* ,./:<=>|

N.B. If the copy of acucobol.ini is changed in the installation directory, then all new users will get the change.

If you fix the copy in your personal directory (usually C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Micro Focus\AcuBench\acubench.ini) then only the current user will get the change.

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