VAR_LENGTH XFD directive causes compile time error


This article discusses a case that causes a checker error and provides a method to work around the error.


Compiling a program with the CREATEXFD compiler directive that uses the VAR_LENGTH XFD directive on a file description results in the following compiler error (once for each time the source includes the VAR_LENGTH directive):

COBCH1508E Unknown XFD directive: ''  : "test.cbl"(63,21)

However, the section Using XFD Directives in your Database Connectors User's Guide states that VAR_LENGTH is a supported directive.


Install Net Express or Server Express 5.1 WS2 HF 4 or later when it becomes available. Until this version is available, however, you can use the following work-around:

Change the underscore character in VAR_LENGTH to a hyphen: VAR-LENGTH.

Incident Number: 2266175

Old KB# 14265
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