AcuBench 7.2.1 hangs on rebuild workspace



Doing a rebuild of the project workspace and AcuBench just hangs and has to be killed with Windows Task Manager.  Is there a way to debug this?


There is a Version 7 Compiler problem where a specific syntax error caused the Compiler to loop and repeatedly report the same error until it aborted.  Somehow the looping problem caused AcuBench to hang. That problem is fixed in version 8.0 and AcuBench will not hang because the compiler no longer spins out.

Upgrading to version 8 will resolve the problem.

To find out what caused AcuBench Version 7 to hang, repeat the build, then when it hangs examine the AcuBench Output window and note the last program it was compiling.  That program likely contains an error.  The last line in the Output window should be something like:

--------- Compiling programname.cbl ----------

Then compile that program from a command prompt outside of AcuBench.  Something like:

ccbl32 <compile options> programname.cbl

In this instance compiling from the command line revealed a syntax error on this line of code:

           read myfile lock next

Here is the error reported:

programname.cbl, line 27: Verb expected, NEXT found

It should be:  read myfile next lock.

This syntax error causes the Version 7 Compiler to loop and repeatedly report the error until it aborts.  That problem is fixed in Version 8.0.

Correcting the syntax error avoided the AcuBench hang when building that program.

Old KB# 2654


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