Meaning of AcuShare report



When obtaining the AcuShare report the meanings of the various items is not clear. Here's an example of such a report:

 Server Statistics:


server PID: 19134

IPC key: 0x01010101

shmid: 40370176

listening port: 44659

start date: Tue Apr 19 03:04:34 2014

clients: 2

client deaths: 0


message type        sent       received

--------------   ----------   ----------

HANDSHAKE                 8            8

ACK                       2            0

INFO                      0            2

KILL                      0            0

DATA                      1            0

LOAD                      0            2

ATTACH_FAILED             0            0

LOADED                    0            2

UNLOAD                    0            0

STATUS_PROGRAM            2            0

USER_ADD                  0            2

USER_SUBTRACT             0            0

STATUS_USER               2            0


Much of this information is for Micro Focus' internal diagnostic use, so we do not warrant that it will remain unchanged, or be of any use to a user at all.

client deaths: The acushare server checks the processes of its clients periodically.  When one goes away without saying goodbye this number is incremented and resources used by that client are released.

message types:

HANDSHAKE: initial synchronization message between server and client

ACK: an acknowledgement of the receipt of a message

INFO: a request from a client to have the server send information about itself

KILL: a request from a client that the server shut down

DATA: a message containing a data payload

LOAD: a request from a client for the server to load a program into shared memory

ATTACH_FAILED: the client telling the server it was unable to attach to the program in shared memory

LOADED: the client telling the server it successfully loaded the program in shared memory

UNLOAD: the client telling the server it is done with the shared program

STATUS_PROGRAM: server information sent to a client about a shared program

USER_ADD: allocate a user license

USER_SUBTRACT: relinquish a user license

STATUS_USER: server information sent to a client about a user


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