Accessing Documentation Within AcuBench 9.2



The 9.2 documentation is not accessible from within AcuBench.


Beginning in version 9.2.0 the documentation is in the Eclipse InfoCenter format. There is a project to integrate the new documentation in AcuBench version 10. In the meantime, to workaround this you can add a shortcut on the AcuBench Tools menu:

Make sure you have installed AcuBench and the Documentation.

1. Go to Programs, extend 9.2.1, and right click on 'extend9 Documentation Set' and select 'Properties'.
Note on Windows 8 you may need to type 'extend9 Documentation Set' in search, then right click on it and select 'Open file location', then right click on the actual file and select 'Properties'.

2. Copy the entire string in 'Target'.

3. Start AcuBench

4. Click on 'Tools', 'Customize'

5. Go to the 'Tools' tab

6. Click the ' ' button and enter a name for the item to add to your Tools menu, let's call it: "Documentation"

7. Paste the Target string in the Command field

8. Select the 'Use output window' item

9. Click 'Close'

10. Ignore the error message about the path and click 'No'
Now you can launch the new documentation from AcuBench by going to the 'Tools' menu, 'Launch Tools', 'Documentation'.

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