AcuServer Unable to Access a Windows Network Drive



AcuServer is being implemented to resolve issues with multiple users accessing the same COBOL files.  The data lives on the server in J:\data; that J: drive is a network drive, not an internal drive on the server.  When configured to use AcuServer a permission error is encountered as noted in the AcuServer trace file: "Failed: 15,103".  When the file-prefix is configured to access the files directly, not through AcuServer, all of the file access succeeds.  So the permissions allow the access, but it fails through AcuServer.


The AcuServer service runs as the system account and cannot access a mapped drive; the network disk is seen as a mapped drive and so AcuServer fails.  The way to enable AcuServer to access the network disk is to create a symbolic link.  You can leave the J: drive mapped for the users to be able to navigate there; but AcuServer will use the symbolic link. 

Here's how to do it:

1. Log on to the server as Administrator (the actual local Administrator account).

2. Open a command prompt.

3. Create the link with this command:  mklink  /d  \J  \\server\share

This will create a J directory off of the root, in other words C:\J.  Note that you can use any name as long as it complies with Windows requirements.  Here J was used only to relate it to the actual J: drive.

4. In the Runtime configuration file set file-prefix for AcuServer

FILE_PREFIX  @servername:C:\J\data


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