AcuBench 10.0.0 Fails on Windows XP



When attempting to start AcuBench version 10.0.0 on Windows XP there is a message "not a valid win32 application".


Unfortunately AcuBench version 10.0.0 will not run on Windows XP. This is becuase the underlying third-party software upon which AcuBench is built does not support Windows XP. There is nothing that can be done in AcuBench 10.0.0 to overcome that limitation.

The only solution for AcuBench 10.0.0 is to move to a newer version of Windows; i.e. Vista or later.

If you must develop on Windows XP you will need to install AcuBench version 9.2.5 or prior and then configure the project to use the version 10.0.0 Compiler and Runtime. Here's how to do that:

1. Install ACUCOBOL-GT Version 10.0.0 Development System only, not AcuBench, and activate the license.
2. Install ACUCOBOL-GT Version 9.2.5 Acubench only, and activate the license.
3. Start AcuBench 9.2.5
4. Open your AcuBench project.
5. On the Project menu select 'Project settings'.
6. Click on the 'Environment' tab.
7. Select 'ACUPATH' and change the value from '�udir%\bin' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\extend 10.0.0\AcuGT\bin' (or the alternative location where you installed version 10.0.0).
8. Click 'OK'.
9. To verify go to the AcuBench Help menu, select 'About AcuBench', then click the 'Runtime version' and 'Compiler version' buttons.

NOTE: this workaround requires that you contact your Micro Focus Account Manager to order AcuBench version 9.2.5, if you don't already have it installed and licensed.

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