Shortcut to expand a treeview when no numeric keypad exists



A treeview can be expanded fully by pressing he multiplication ( * ) key on the numeric keypad.  When the keyboard has no numeric keypad, such as in many laptops, there is no multiplication key.  The asterisk (shift 8) is ignored.  How can the user fully expand the tree when no keypad exists?


On most modern laptops there is a numeric keypad simulated by pressing the function ( Fn ) key.  Pressing Fn then P produces the multiplication sign and activates the full tree expansion.  If the laptop has no such numeric keypad then there is no shortcut for fully expanding the treeview.  In that case the application must be programmed to fully expand the treeview for a certain keystroke.  There may also be third-party ActiveX or .Net treeview controls that have other options for fully expanding it.

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