AcuToWeb Browser Control Fails to Display Web Page



The COBOL application includes a browser control to display a certain web page.  When the application is executed from AcuToWeb the web page does not display. The browser is blank.


There are two conditions for a web page to display in the browser control when running under AcuToWeb.

1. The browser must use the complete URL. Entering "" won't work, but entering "" displays the page.

2. AcuToWeb executes COBOL programs in a frame, consequently the web page must be able to run in a frame. For example these common web pages do not run in a frame: 

But this one does:

Note that the exact behavior varies. Internet Explorer provides an error message that the content cannot be displayed in a frame, and provides a link to open it in a new window.  Chrome and Firefox simply display nothing.

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