AcuServer error on start "unable to add users"



When attempting to start AcuServer version 9.2 on a Linux server there is an error message "unable to add users" and it fails to start.


The "unable to add users" message is actually coming from AcuShare (the license and shared memory manager).  This means Acushare is not running properly.  Do the following to get it back to normal; once AcuShare is running normally AcuServer will start.

Execute "acushare" (no option). 

If that responds with the usual acushare report then it is running so do "acushare -kill".

Execute "ps -ef | grep acushare" to make sure the acushare process has terminated.  If it hasn't then do "kill -9" on the AcuShare PID.

Execute "acushare -clean".

Execute "acushare -start".

Lastly, start AcuServer.

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