AcuXDBC ERROR: [TOD][ODBC Driver]INVHOSTSYN: Invalid host/service name syntax



After creating a new Data Source to connect to a network server from a client machine, the error is encountered when trying to connect to data via an ODBC application or odbcsql:

ERROR: [TOD][ODBC Driver]INVHOSTSYN: Invalid host/service name syntax

DSN General Tab.png



Although all the information on the General tab appears to be correct and complete, on the Logging tab the Log Filename parameter is indicating a log file location that is either invalid or an area where the process does not have permission to create or write to the log file.  Correcting the Log Filename parameter to a valid location will allow the ODBC connection to complete without the INVHOSTSYN error.

 DSN Logging Tab.png


For more information on AcuXDBC client and AcuXDBC Server errors, please see their respective documentation links below.

Client error messages

Server error messages


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