Created On:  09 July 2012


Issuing an AcuBench command line to rebuild a workspace does not work.  There are no errors reported but there is no log file created and nothing happens to the project files.  They are not modified in any way.

The command line is:

c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Acucbl8xx\acubench\acubench90.exe /build C:\My Projects\project1\project1.pjt


The problem is that AcuBench cannot handle spaces in the project path. 

The resolution is to remove the spaces in the path; rename “My Projects” folder to “MyProjects”. 

Or you can map a drive to the spacey part of the path and use that mapped drive in the AcuBench command.  In the above example we can map Z: to C:\My Projects, and then we use Z:\project1\project1.pjt in the AcuBench command line.