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We are having a difficult time printing to the acutoweb client.  We use the acubench report writer for all our reports. 

We have printed using acuthin, C$copy and acubenchprint.dll.  We really do not want to rewrite all our reports using C$PDF. 

We can use the acutoweb desktop but are having difficulty finding any information on how to print to the client.


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  • Thank you Claudio, we will give this a try this morning.



  • Good morning,  .

    In order to print in AcuToWeb mode using acubenchprint.dll, you have to install the ATWDesktop tool on each Windows client.

    Then copy your acubenchprint.dll to the tool directory on these clients.

    Start ATWDesktop.

    On the server, you can remap the CALLs to the print library by adding the following lines to your cblconfi:

    AcuBenchPrint.DLL @[DISPLAY]:C:\ACUCOBOL-GT\10.3.0\AcuToWeb_Desktop\AcuBenchPrint.DLL
    AcuBenchPrintDummy @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintDummy
    AcuBenchPrintExecWBPreview @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintExecWBPreview
    AcuBenchPrintExecWBPageSetup @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintExecWBPageSetup
    AcuBenchPrintGetMargins @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetMargins
    AcuBenchPrintGetPaperSize @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetPaperSize
    AcuBenchPrintGetPaperName @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetPaperName
    AcuBenchPrintGetOrientation @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetOrientation
    AcuBenchPrintGetCopies @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetCopies
    AcuBenchPrintGetPrinterName @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintGetPrinterName
    AcuBenchPrintExecWBPrint @[DISPLAY]:AcuBenchPrintExecWBPrint

    The print will be generated on the client, so it won't need to be C$COPYied from the server to the user's machine.

    If you still have troubles, please contact, remembering to highlight the version of AcuToWeb you are using.

    Looking forward for your feedback.

    Claudio Contardi
    Product Support Engineer, Senior
    Micro Focus