Entry fields read-only - display in gray with ACUCOBOL-GT 8.1.0


Read-only entry fields no longer change background/foreground colors with 8.1.0. They are shown only in gray.


Read-only Entry Fields used to allow their foreground or background colors to be modified. The Runtime version 8.1.0 stops this behavior, and leaves the read-only field gray.


This change was made to follow Windows standards and was implemented with ECN-3699 released in 8.1.0. You can turn this behavior off so that your applications will not be affected by this change. Set the following configuration variable in cblconfi:

ECN-3699   0

The value "0" turns the ECN off, value "1" activates the ECN and entry-fields remain gray.

This configuration variable has been introduced in ECN-3848, available in the future release of ACUCOBOL-GT 9.0.

Incident Number: 2131301

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