How to Create an Invoice using C$PDF



The following Cobol program creates a sample invoice using the C$PDF function available in Microfocus Extend 10.3.


Input file and logo.jpg both must exist on the desktop during runtime.
Invoice file will be a .pdf file that will be created on the desktop.
Cobol program will have access to extend copybook CPDF.DEF during compile.


Program will read the invoice.txt file and create the invoice PDF on the desktop. The invoice.txt file is a tab delimited input file containing values that will be used to populate the PDF file.

Invoice.txt Tab delimited layout

COLUMN NAME Description Value (Column 2)
INVOICE The Name of the Invoice File to be Created
DATE Date of Invoice
DUE When the Date of Invoice
COMPANY Name of Company receiving Invoice
ADDRESS Address of Company
CSZ City, State, Zipcode
I Invoice Line Item (Columns 2, 3, and 4)
Item Description Hours Rate
Comment List