AcuBench Screen Designer sets wrong background color


In the AcuBench Screen Designer the screen background color is set to dark gray, but comes out black at runtime.


The screen was built in AcuBench using the Screen Designer. The background color was set to dark gray (and looks dark gray in the Screen Designer) but at runtime it is black.


There is a problem with the AcuBench Screen Designer implementing the gray/dark gray colors which is resolved in version 8.1.2.

For earlier versions there is a fairly easy workaround involving modifying the color palette. Here's how:

  1. In the screen's Color property select a background color other than gray or dark gray, use dark blue for this example (make sure it is a color that is not used anywhere else in the application).
  2. Right click on the screen in the Screen Designer and select Change Color Palette.
  3. In the Color dialog select the dark gray color in the Basic colors section.
  4. In the Screen designer color palette: section select dark blue, then click Set. Note that the dark blue square is now dark gray.
  5. Click OK in the Color dialog to save the change and apply it to the screen.

That's it. Compile and run the program and the screen will display with a dark gray background.

Old KB# 14907
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