Created On:  04 November 2010


Before upgrading from Runtime version 6.1 to 8.1.3, when the Unix Runtime process (runcbl) ended, the program's displays remained visible on the console.  Now with version 8.1.3 the program seems to run in a separate space and the displays vanish when the program exits.


Prior to ACUCOBOL-GT Version 6.2 the program displays from a character-based program did remain on the console after the Runtime exited, regardless of the type of display that the program did.  However in Version 6.2 a change was made to destroy all canvases when the Runtime exits.  That change was done to fix a memory leak due the canvases not being destroyed.  So in version 6.2 and later the program displays disappear when the Runtime exits, when using default display handling.

The Windows Console Mode Runtime, crun32, also behaves this way. 

The displays will remain on the console if all of these conditions are true:

1. There are no ACUCOBOL-GT extensions used in the display statements.  That means no use of screen section, and no positioning.  Only simple display statements are allowed.

2. The program is compiled with the -Ca option.  (forces ANSI accept and displays as if "from console" and "upon cosole" were specified)

3. The Runtime -b option is used. (inhibits terminal initialization)