My acuxdbc configuration file is missing or has become corrupt on Windows



The acuxdbc.cfg file is missing on a Windows based platform after installation.  Is there a way to resolve this without reinstalling the product?


If the acuxdbc.cfg has been deleted it can be regenerated by running the genxconf.bat file in the C:\program files\acucblXXX\acugt\bin (windows only).

This batch file automatically generates a new AcuXDBC configuration file that includes the required configuration variables set to their default values.  It can also specify an alternate directory name for GENESIS_HOME and an alternate configuration file name.

The genxconf.bat file takes the following commands:

genxconf [-d directory] [-c catalog] [-p prefix]  [-n config_name]

-d specifies the directory name to use for the environment variable GENESIS_HOME.

-c specifies an optional directory name to use for the System Catalog.

-p specifies a location (path) to your data files.

-n specifies a name for the configuration file that is created.

Old KB# 2848
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