side by side configuration is incorrect error with 8.1TPP



Setting up 8.1 Beta environment on a new test machine.  When moving the runtime to a new box and performing a -vv an error is generated saying:

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.

Does Extend 8.1 require the install CD always to be used when setting up the runtime on a new server?


The issue is one that will be seen with 8.0.0 and later.  The reason for the error is that the required Microsoft Foundation Class DLL's that the runtime depends on are not found.

The following link is to a Knowledgebase item that explains the situation and has an attachment that should resolve the problem:

Alternatively using the CD to install instead of copying the products to the other server will resolve the problem as well.

Old KB# 2770
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