MAX_FILES Configuration Does Not Resolve 94,10


The ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime halts with file status 94,10 even after increasing MAX_FILES to the maximum.


When executing a particular application, the ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime halts with file status 94,10, Too many files open by the current process. The runtime configuration MAX_FILES was increased to its maximum of 32767; however the same error occurs. The application opens less than 50 files which reside on a separate server and are accessed via AcuServer.


The MAX_FILES setting was made in the Runtime configuration file. The files are being served by AcuServer which is governed by a MAX_FILES setting of its own. MAX_FILES must be set for both the Runtime and AcuServer.

The solution is to stop AcuServer, add a MAX_FILES setting in the a_srvcfg configuration file, and then restart AcuServer.

As noted in the MAX_FILES documentation, the operating system may limit the number of files open per process. You might need to also adjust the appropriate kernel parameter.

Old KB# 14095
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