Locating vutil error codes for broken files


This article provides information on the location of the vutil error code table and an example of using the table in problem resolution.


When performing a file operation using vutil or vutil32, an error may be encountered. For example, the following vutil command vutil -info MYFILE may result in the following error:

MYFILE: File broken (code 69)

Understanding what “code 69” means would be helpful in resolving this error.


Vutil error codes are the same as the Vision file secondary error codes for error 98. The list of error codes may be found in the ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices Version 8.1, Appendix E: File Status Codes, E.3 Vision Secondary Error Codes for Error 98s. For this example, the entry in the list of errors would be:

69 A Vision 4 or 5 index segment is not found during an open.

This error code is specific to Vision 4 or 5 files that consist of two parts, a data segment and an index segment. The index segment of a Vision 4 or 5 file always has a file extension of “vix”. Thus, the name of missing index segment, based on our example above, would be MYFILE.vix.

Vutil can be used to recover the missing index segment using the rebuild function. For example:

vutil –rebuild MYFILE

After vutil has completed the rebuild operation, the directory should now contain:



Now, re-executing the original vutil command will be successful.

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