Error using Oracle automated login with OCI version of Acu4GL for Oracle



Application invokes a call to sql.acu to set user to specific value and receives a -1 return code when trying to run the executable with the OCI version of Acu4GL for Oracle.

Using Oracle's automated login capability works correctly with older, non-OCI, version of Acu4GL for Oracle.


In earlier versions of Oracle's OCI interface, it was possible to use OS Authenticated Logon (commonly known as OPS$ logon) using the OCILogon function.

In later versions of their OCI interface, they removed this ability.  This would result in the user enncountering an error 9D,1017 which has the definition "ORA-1017: Invalid Username and Password.".

The ability to use OS Authenticated Logon has been restored in version 8.1.0 by using the more complex login procedures and credentials in the OCI interface.

Please note in later versions of the Oracle database software, OS Authenticated Logon must be turned on.  By default, it often is not.

Old KB# 3101
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