Created On:  07 July 2011


The runtime produces an error when the file exceeds 2 gigabytes in size.


On UNIX systems that support large files, the USE_LARGE_FILE_API variable allows you to turn on or off file system API support for very large files (greater than 2 gigabytes). Support for large files is enabled when USE_LARGE_FILE_API is set to "1" (on, true, yes).
Some UNIX systems do not support files greater than 2 gigabytes in size. In those situations, setting this variable to the default of "0" (off, false, no) causes the runtime to use the standard 32-bit file system API.
**This runtime configuration variable has no effect on Windows platforms.

This can also be set in the UNIX environment:


The logutil utility supports large (>2GB) transaction log files. The host operating system must allow such large files.