AcuBench: how to paint a variable grid?



AcuBench v7.2.x: how to paint a variable grid?

The number of grids are not known at design time. At runtime the grid must be painted according information e.g. from within a file.


The solution is:

- With the Screen Designer to design a GRID with NUM ROWS = 0 and NUM COLUMNS = 0.

- At runtime to define the columns in a loop with e.g. the following sample code:

           modify sc-tab-zelle reset-grid = 1

           move 1 to ind1

           move 7 to ind2

           modify sc-tab-zelle, data-columns = ind1

                                display-columns = ind2

                                data-types = "x(7)".

           perform varying fz from 1 by 1 until fz > 98

                if lih-groesse(fz) > 0

                    compute ind1 = ind2 1

                    compute ind2 = ind2 lih-groesse(fz)

                    modify sc-tab-zelle, data-columns = ind1

                                   display-columns = ind2

                                   data-types = "x(100)"



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