Created On:  28 November 2011


The user has noticed an accumulation of hundreds of Runtime log files on the server in the working directory of their Thin Client application.  There are no errors noted in any of them, only several lines of what appears to be connection information.

Why are the log files there?  Is it possible to prevent them from being created?


When the Runtime detects that it was invoked via Thin Client it automatically creates a trace file in the working directory.  Normally, setting “A_REMOVE_EMPTY_ERROR_FILE ON” in the Runtime configuration file causes those automatically generated trace files to be deleted.  This prevents the accumulation of zero byte files.

However, in Version 8.1.2 there was a bug which caused handshake entries to be written to that trace file and they are not empty as they should be.  This is already fixed in version, and upgrading is the recommended solution.  Make sure to add “A_REMOVE_EMPTY_ERROR_FILE ON” in the Runtime configuration file.

A workaround that you may use with Version 8.1.2 is to redirect those trace files to null.  Do that by modifying the alias to include “-e nul”.  The obvious implication of this is that any Runtime process that does actually encounter an error will also not create a trace file.  Debugging a real error will require changing the alias.