Vision filesystem - determining the file version



In some instances it is desirable to be able to use the file command to determine the version of a Vision file.  


If the Unix operating system is being used has a magic file then it is possible to add an entry to display the version of the Vision file.

First locate your magic file ie. $whereis magic

$magic: /usr/share/magic.mgc /usr/share/magic /usr/share/magic.mime /usr/share/ /usr/share/man/man5/magic.5.gz

In this instance the /usr/share/magic file would be edited to include the following code.

# Vision 2 file

0       ulong          0x10121416     Vision

>4      ushort         2              2 data file

# Vision 3 file

0       ubelong        0x10121416     Vision

>4      ubeshort       3              3 data file

# Vision 4/5 primary data segment

0       ubelong        0x10121419     Vision

>4      ubeshort       >3             %u data file segment #0

# Vision 4/5 secondary data segment

0       ubelong        0x10121417     Vision

>4      ubeshort       >3             %u data file segment

>6      ubeshort       >0             #%u

# Vision 4/5 index segment

0       ubelong        0x10121418     Vision

>4      ubeshort       >3             %u index file segment

>6      ubeshort       0              #0

>6      ubeshort       >0             #%u

**You may need to compile this file, check the man page on file.

Now when the file command is used it will output the version of the Vision file.

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