Created On:  12 November 2010


In the Micro Focus Product Updates web page it is possible to download latest updates for extend Version 8.1.3. In this section, both releases 8.1.3 and are mentioned, but there is no description explaining the difference between them. What change was made between extend 8.1.3 and


The only difference between 8.1.3 and is an ECN (Engineering Change Notice) that's been further developed because it didn't fully work as expected. The initial issue was switching back from a modeless independent window to the main screen could cause the main menu to not work properly.
It activated but it didn't work on the first attempt.  The menu and its sub items displayed but nothing happened on clicking them.

This was fixed in 8.1.3 but it generated a different issue where the menu didn't work correctly in paged grid control.  To solve this issue, ECN-4001 has been removed from 8.1.3 and a new fix has been deployed in

Since this issue affected only the graphical user interface, is available just for Windows platforms.  On UNIX/Linux platforms, 8.1.3 does not need any upgrade or further fix.

For installations that use Acuconnect Thin Client, it is recommended to upgrade the Windows client part.

8131-acuthin.msi is available for download in the Product Updates web page of SupportLine web page:
Incident #2462066