Error 94,10: Too many files open by the current process. (open)



The error message was encountered when opening a file. The progam opened files as expected until the 17th (33rd for Vision 3) file was opened or the program was only able to open a lesser number of files than had previously been accessible.


Modify MAX_FILES in the runtime configuration.


ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices

Version 8.0

Appendix H: Configuration Variables > H.2 Configuration variables > MAX_FILES

This variable sets the maximum number of files that can be opened by the runtime system. The default value is "32". Keeping this value small conserves memory. Many operating systems limit the number of files that can be opened by a single process, so you may have to make some adjustments there too. The maximum value of MAX_FILES is 32767.


If increasing MAX_FILES appears to have no affect, the runtime may not be picking up the modified values. A simple test would be to add "-le" to the runtime execution. When the "-l" is specified, the runtime will print the contents of the runtime configuration file to the output file specified by the "-e". Examples:

Windows: wrun32 -c cblconfi -le output_file_name program_name

UNIX: runcbl -c cblconfig -le output_file_name program_name

Review the contents of the generated output file for:

1) The location and name of the runtime configuration file that the runtime is picking up

2) The value of MAX_FILES from the configuration file being picked up

For more information on "-l" and "-e" consult the ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide

Version 8.0 > Chapter 2: Compiler and Runtime > 2.3 Using the Runtime System

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