OLE Automation for Interfacing with Excel


This article describes how to use OLE automation to interact with Excel from COBOL.


Exporting data from COBOL and loading into Excel is possible by simply writing to a line sequential file with comma separated values and then performing a CALL “SYSTEM”. However, a more elegant and powerful solution is to use the OLE automation interface.


Please see the attached ACUCOBOL-GT v8.1 example included in the excel-ole.zip file. In essence you can do the following:

       77 excel-app       handle of application.
       77 excel-doc       handle of workbook.
       77 excel-sheets    handle of sheets.
       77 excel-worksheet handle of worksheet.
       77 excel-range     handle of range.

       Main Section.
      * Create the OLE interface
           create @Application of @Excel handle in excel-app.
      * Don't show it yet!
           modify  excel-app @Visible = 0.

      * Use this to create a new excel doc
           modify excel-app
              giving excel-doc.
      * Use this code block to open an existing excel doc
      *     modify  excel-app
      *     @Workbooks::Open("c:\temp\excel-ole\excel.xlsx")
      *       giving excel-doc.
      * Get the worksheets collection
           inquire excel-doc sheets() in excel-sheets.

      * Get the first worksheet
           inquire excel-sheets item(1) in excel-worksheet.

      * Get some cells
           inquire excel-worksheet cells in excel-range.

      * Lets write something to it
           modify excel-range Item(1, 1, "Hello").
           modify excel-range Item(1, 2, "Cruel").
           modify excel-range Item(1, 3, "World").

      * Display it      
           modify excel-app @Visible = 1.

      * Clean up
           destroy excel-doc.
           destroy excel-app.
           destroy excel-sheets.
           destroy excel-worksheet
           destroy excel-range

      * Get me out of here...
           Exit Program.
           Stop Run.         

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