Acushare: failed to connect to server


Acushare will not allow new runtimes to start and behaves incorrectly when commands are issued.


When starting a program, a message that "Acushare 7.0 or later not running" is received.The Unix command “ps -ef | grep acu” reports that no runtime processes running. “acushare –start” returns "already running", and “acushare –kill” reports "failed to connect to server".


Typically this indicates that Acushare was terminated abnormally (kill -9, which it can't catch,) or it crashed.

Should acushare terminate unexpectedly, its master shared memory segment may be left behind. Before restarting acushare, you should use the "acushare -clean" command to remove the stranded memory segment.

$ ./acushare

acushare: failed to connect to server

$ ./acushare -clean

acushare: shared memory segment removed

$ ./acushare -start

acushare: opening '/dev/console' for error output

acushare: installation complete!

Incident Number: 2262213

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