Created On:  10 November 2010


The performance of queries on Vision files via AcuXDBC becomes slower the more concurrent queries are executed.


There are 4 variables within the AcuXDBC config file that can be set:





These are all well-documented in the Manual AcuXDBC User’s Guide. 

However, what is not well-documented is that the XDBC process will inherit the spawning process’ environment, so any efficiency tweaking that can be done with variable setting within the normal config file will be reflected within the XDBC environment. 

So, remember to review all the settings in the normal config file with a view to increasing performance throughout Acu products.  These are described in detail in the Manual “ACUCOBOL-GT Appendices”, Chapter “H.2 Configuration Variables”.

Tip : check the setting of V_LOCK_METHOD