Disabling or enabling automatic code suggestion dialog boxes in code editor


This article describes the procedure for disabling or enabling the automatic code suggestion dialog boxes in the AcuBench code editor.


By default the automatic code suggestion (insight) features, code completion and code parameters, are turned on during installation. Some users do not desire this functionality and would like to disable it. Conversely, other users would like to enable this feature that has inadvertently been disabled.


Background information:

The Code Insight functions are intended to facilitate source code creation, especially when working with graphical screens and reports. The code parameter feature displays hints (similar to the tool tips that appear when the mouse hovers over a button on a toolbar) for using certain COBOL verbs. Code completion provides pop-up lists of options to help complete some code statements and internal library routine calls. Code parameters and code completion are available for the following verbs: CALL, PERFORM, READ, WRITE, START, DELETE, REWRITE, OPEN, CLOSE, CHAIN, MODIFY, INQUIRE, DESTROY, and GO.

Disabling or Enabling:

From the AcuBench main menu choose Tools > Options > Code Editor. You can set Code Insight options using the following procedures:

Select the Code Insight category of the Code Editor options.

Select the Code Completion feature if you want the workbench to display a list of possibilities for completing your code statement.

Select Code Parameters if you want AcuBench to display a pop-up hint that generally describes the function of the verb you have entered.

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