Created On:  25 November 2011


In thie example, two AcuCOBOL prgrams are called A and B.

When verified in Modernization Workbench, A and B get verified into programs A and B - correctly.

In program B there is a CALL “A.COB”.

Logically, the parser searches for an entry “A.COB”, which does not exist.

By putting an entry “A.COB” into the procedure division of A, the unresolved reference report show the missing .COB program entries.

Without changing the source code, so that CALL “A.COB” is changed to CALL “A”, how can this situation be corrected and the programs successfully verified for analysis?


Create an Alternative Entry Point for all COBOL programs.

Make sure the "Create an Alternative Entry Point" option in Workspace Options > Verification > Cobol > Settings, is set.

Enter the value “=(.*)=\1.COB” (no quotes required)

This will generate a second entry point for all COBOL programs that will have .COB appended.

Re-verification will be successful.

Incident #2546105