Slow performance when using AcuServer over a LAN


This article discusses the slow performance when using AcuServer over a LAN.


We are experiencing slow performance when using AcuServer while using a high speed network (FIOS). Other products seem to be running a lot faster. Equipment was replaced and tested and there was no improvement in the performance. What is happening?


It was determined that the ISP was indentifying the traffic as a bit torrent. The packet analyzer software being used by the ISP was identifying the traffic between the runtime at the remote store and AcuServer at the main store as torrent data. Due to the amount of bandwidth that was being used for torrents on the network, the ISP had implemented a policy to throttle all torrent traffic from 8am to 5pm so their business customers could take advantage of the high speed FiOS Internet connections. The ISP removed the torrent restriction from the IP addresses used by the stores and performance was improved.

Old KB# 14900
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