Data Connect does not allow OPEN of host VSAM alternate index



Cannot access the Alternate Index of a host VSAM file.


   In order to access a host VSAM Alternate Index, one has to do some setup work on the host and on the PC.

On the host:

   - by default the MFA install should have created a PDS with a name

     ending in VCTL  (something like VAN.BMW.MFA.VCTL)

   - create a member in this PDS with a name starting with a '$'

      (anyname, for example, $VSAMALT)

   - in the PDS member enter something like this:



     you can have up to 8 of these (AIX1 -> AIX8), but they must name

     the VSAM pathname, not the actual dataset and the order must

     match the Cobol FD. For your example, you only have one alternate

     index so it doesn't matter.

   - ensure that the JCL starting MFA has a DD named VSAMCTL and

     that it points to the VCTL PDS


In the MFE project:

   - setup the VSAM base cluster as you normally do pointing to the

     host dataset

   - make an entry in the MFE Catalog for the Alternate Index by using

     a definition of '$$server\$vsamalt    <- that second part of the name

     MUST match the PDS member name used on the host in the VCTL


   - ensure that the JCL used in MFE has a DD for each alternate index

     in this case only need one for SPDPART1


Old KB# 6682
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