COPY library-name case sensitivity when using OF? Version 7.0.1



The actual names of most of COPY library-names (file-names) are lower-case.  The files reside on AIX (IBM Unix) which is a case-sensitive OS.  The programs are compiled via AcuBench and a compiler on a Windows PC.  The COPYPATH includes a reference to the production COPY directory on AIX via a mapped drive using Samba.

According to all of the documentation found for Versions 7.0 and above (User Guide 2.5/2,6 and Reference Manual 2.4.1), lower-case library names need to be placed in quotes:

Note: User-defined words are always treated as uppercase on machines where file names are case-sensitive [UG 2.5].

However in Version 7.0.1, it appears making the library-names uppercase in the Cobol source code is acceptable.  No compile errors are generated using upper-case or lower-case names with or without quotes.  However, uppercase in the "OF" clause does NOT work whether or not it's in quotes.

Is upper-case officially allowed for these file names in Version 7.0 and above?


The expectation when compiling on Windows, with the copybooks residing on another Windows machine would be that case would not be important.  When using Samba to connect to a UNIX/Linux machine, depending on how Samba is configured, the case sensativity may be an issue or not.

Either way the path/library annotated after the OF needs to be bounded by quotation marks.  If they are not undefined behavior could result.

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