Created On:  09 October 2010


The protected entry-field (read-only), shows a different background than version 7.x.  Why is this?


In version 8.1.0 we introduced the ECN_3699 which has the following effects:

Once an AcuCOBOL program changed either the foreground or background color of an entry field, the background stopped graying out when the control was subsequently set to READONLY.

This is no longer the case.  In version 8.1.2 we introduced ECN_3848. As of version 8.1, read-only entry fields were changed to conform to standard Windows behavior in that the background color is always gray regardless of the background color setting.  However there is now a configuration variable to let the customer decide which behavior desired.  The default behavior will match Windows operating system. read-only entry fields will have gray backgrounds.  To change the background color of a read-only entry field, set the runtime configuration variable ECN_3699 to 0.
Incident #2456080