Created On:  05 August 2011


Beginning with version 8, unlike previous versions of the ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime, when the bin directory is copied to another Windows machine or a client PC is mapped to the bin directory on a server one of the following or similar errors may occur. ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime initialization errors such the following are usually corrected by copying the Microsoft redistributables, Microsoft.VC80.CRT and Microsoft.VC80.MFC, into the bin directory as discussed in articles 2731, 14870, 14931, and 31750.

"The system cannot execute the specified program."
“This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.”
"The application failed to initialize properly."

The directions provided in those articles were followed, however, the error below continued to persist.

"The application failed to initialize properly."


It was discovered that the installation had been done from a network share instead of directly on the server console. Uninstalling and reinstalling at the server console corrected the error.
Incident #2530774