File Status 35 on OPEN OUTPUT


This articles describes several causes for an application that receives file status 35 on an OPEN OUPUT of a disk file.


The application runs on a Windows XP client PC and occasionally receives file status 35 (File Not Found) on OPEN OUTPUT. The statement is creating a new disk file on a Windows 2003 Server which is accessed by the client via a mapped drive. The error happens unpredictably and is not reproducible at will.


There are many reasons why an OPEN OUTPUT of a new disk file may produce file status 35 (or 94,20 if you’re using 74 status codes). The following items may apply not only to Windows, but to any operating system.

  1. The SELECT uses a variable file name and the data item is blank when the OPEN OUTPUT is executed.
  2. The directory does not exist.
  3. Security settings are preventing the OPEN OUTPUT from creating the file.
  4. The file system is out of space.
  5. Antivirus, antispyware, or backup software is running on the directory the being accessed by the OPEN OUTPUT.
  6. Network issues are interrupting the connection to the server when the OPEN OUTPUT attempts to create the file.
  7. The 32-bit Runtime is executing on a 64-bit operating system (mostly no problem with this configuration but some OSs have a problem).

Based on the intermittent nature of the problem reported in this case, causes 5 and 6 are likely candidates. In other cases investigating each of these should reveal the cause of the error.

Old KB# 14293
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