Created On:  23 March 2012


AcuConnect fails to start its service.

The error popup shows this message on an English Operating System:
"AcuConnect - StartService: %1 is not a valid application of Win32."

And this on an Italian Operating System:
"AcuConnect - StartService: %1 non è un'applicazione di Win32 valida."


Verify the value of the Registry Key:

It may be useful to modify the value of the key "ImagePath" from:

C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Acucbl901\AcuGT\bin\acurcl.exe -startservice
"C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Acucbl901\AcuGT\bin\acurcl.exe" -startservice

Double quotes may be useful to avoid any issue with paths which contain spaces.

Incident #2543888