Created On:  06 December 2010


What are the pre requisites when somebody wants to rebuild a new ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime on a UNIX/Linux platform with the integration with C-ISAM (on SOLARIS)?


To relink the runtime, use each platforms’ native ANSI C compiler. For relinking the runtime the GCC compiler is only supported on Linux platforms. 

Run a standard make runcbl in the ACUCOBOL-GT lib directory just to check if it’s working before running the integration with C-ISAM or other tools. If it’s not working, the two questions to ask are:

Do you have a C compiler on your platform ? Which C compiler are you using ?

For the special integration with C-ISAM:

a) Ask if the IBM libisam.a file is a 32 or 64 bit version because if it’s a 32 bit version, you have to link it with ACUCOBOL-GT 32 bits and if it’s a 64 bit version, you have to link it with ACUCOBOL-GT 64 bits.
b) Modify the filetbl.c file in the lib directory#define USE_CISAM 0 à #define USE_CISAM
c) Modify the Makefile in the lib directory to integrate ACUCOBOL-GT cisam.o file (in ACUCOBOL-GT lib directory) and IBM libisam.a file. An example for the modification of the Makefile for ACUCOBOL-GT Shared 64 bits version on SOLARIS 9/10 is :FSI_SUBS = cisam.o #FSI_SUBS = FSI_LIBS = $(EXTFH_LIB) $(ACU_LIBDIR)/libexpat.a libisam.a #FSI_LIBS = $(EXTFH_LIB) $(ACU_LIBDIR)/libexpat.a

If the customer sends in the libisam.a file put it directly in ACUCOBOL-GT lib directory. For a standard integration, reference the absolute path of the libisam.a file.
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